Graphic designer | Video Editor

Ryan Castillo

I’ve been a Graphic Designer and Print Quality Analyst for most of a decade. Working withg Martian Creative has allowed me to expand my skills and enter the video editing workspace. It is a pleasure to work with our clients and help them bring thier vision to life. 

An Action Signature Pose - Martian Creative

Public Relations | Brand Ambassador

An Action

Well, you know some people call me raunchy and outragious, but I believe in having fun and caling things as I see them. Is that so bad? I just believe we should all enjoy life and be kind to one another. If you see me out and about, Holla! I got some stuff for you. 

Project manager | Video Editor | Voiceover artist

Mark Shannon

I’ve been working in the voiceover, radio and video production space for over 30 years. Let’s collab to see what what we can do for you and your brand.