Martian Productions is Gone

Martian Productions is Gone

Sounds sad, but it's not. Over the years we've changed our brand to keep up with the changing times. Over the last year we've been working to rebrand in a way that encompasses all that we do. 

We started out in 2005 as and all we really did was voiceover work. Eventually, we broke into audio editing and then production. We quickly headed in the direction of a full-service audio production company. So we wanted to change the name to more demonstrate what we do.  So in 2014 we became Voice Magic Studio.

Due to our growing collection and adding video to our offering, we decided to rebrand as Martian Productions in 2017. This brand would showcase an entire production company focusing on audio and video production.

After a couple of years and a rapidly changing online environment, we decided to open our site for other audio and video artists to showcase and sell their work. This blossomed into adding more design offerings. We started selling custom apparel and art and then added the ability to customize products on the website. We were clearly growing rapidly.

While we didn't really want to rebrand AGAIN, we hade to admit an error in our planning for the future and saw the need to pivot with one last rebrand, this time focusing on "creativity" in all forms and not limiting ourselves to just audio and video "production". So in mid-2019 we made to decision to slowly cultivate our product offering, build an artist community so more artists could have an outlet to showcase their work and sell their products and services.

Our community grew and the next thing we knew, we were more of a creative company than anything else. So we rebranded one last time to showcase all that we do.

We thank you for your patronage over the years and for helping us grow as the creative community that we are. We hope you'll join us, if you haven't already, and start creating unique designs that help shape the world we live in. 

Now it is my great pleasure to introduce you to the new brand you'll grow to know and love.

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